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2018-10-07 02:07 am
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Just like it says...

If you think you'd like to share what's going on, comment and tell me who you are.
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2012-04-27 12:06 am
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Avengers Fix-It Drabble

This is for my Merlin Girls, and all their feels

Spoilers, duh! )
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2010-05-04 04:06 pm

Dual Crowning Moment: Awesome/Heartwarming

This warmed the cockles of my electorally-hardened heart.

Just read it. You'll be glad you did, I guarantee.
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2009-08-12 02:44 pm

Merlin Convention UK Proposal

[ profile] krazykipper has started a FaceBook group to gauge interest in a weekend-long actor-centric Merlin convention in the UK. is the link.

Like Merlin? Got FB? Join!
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2009-06-06 08:18 pm


Excerpts to be peformed at Odyssey.

Who's in?

Team Chaos, I'm looking at you particularly...